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Business Development Companies

There are 93 BDCs in existence.

  • 53 traded BDCs with $33 billion aggregate market cap and $60 billion in assets
  • 20 private BDCs with aggregate assets of $7 billion
  • 20 non-traded BDCs with aggregate assets of $23 billion


Alcentra Capital Corporation
American Capital Senior Floating, Ltd.
Apollo Investment Corporation
Ares Capital Corporation
Audax Credit BDC Inc.
Bain Capital Specialty Finance, Inc.
BlackRock Capital Investment Corporation
Business Development Corp of America
Capital Southwest Corp
Capitala Finance Corp
Carey Credit Income Fund - Series 2016 T
Carey Credit Income Fund (master fund)
Carey Credit Income Fund I (feeder)
CION Investment Corp
CM Finance Inc.
Corporate Capital Trust II - A
Corporate Capital Trust, Inc.
Crescent Capital BDC, Inc.
Fidus Investment Corp.
Firsthand Technology Value Fund, Inc.
Flat Rock Capital Corp
Freedom Capital Corp
FS Energy & Power Fund
FS Investment Corp II
FS Investment Corp III
FS Investment Corp IV
FS Investment Corp.
Garrison Capital Inc.
Gladstone Capital Corporation
Gladstone Investment Corporation
Goldman Sachs BDC, Inc.
Goldman Sachs Middle Market Lending Corp
Goldman Sachs Private Middle Market Credit Corp
Golub Capital BDC 3
Golub Capital BDC, Inc.
Golub Capital Investment Corp.
Great Elm Capital Corp.
GSV Capital Corp.
Hancock Park Corporate Income, Inc.
Harvest Capital Credit Corporation
Hercules Capital, Inc.
HMS Income Fund
Horizon Technology Finance Corp.
Integrity Capital Income Fund, Inc.
KCAP Financial, Inc.
MacKenzie Realty Capital
Main Street Capital Corporation
Medallion Financial Corp
Medley Capital Corp.
Mill City Ventures III, Ltd.
Monroe Capital Corporation
MVC Capital Inc.
New Mountain Finance Corp.
Newtek Business Services, Inc.
NexPoint Capital, Inc.
Oaktree Specialty Lending Corp
Oaktree Strategic Income Corp
OFS Capital Corp
OHA Investment Corporation
Owl Rock Capital Corporation
Owl Rock Capital Corporation II
Parkview Capital Credit Inc.
PennantPark Floating Rate Capital Ltd.
PennantPark Investment Corp.
Point Capital, Inc.
Princeton Capital Corporation
Prospect Capital Corporation
Rand Capital Corp
Runway Growth Credit Fund Inc. (fks GSV Growth Credit Fund Inc.)
Saratoga Investment Corp.
Sierra Income Corp
Siguler Guff Small Business Credit Opportunities Fund, Inc.
Solar Capital Ltd.
Solar Senior Capital Ltd
Stellus Capital Investment Corp.
TCG BDC Inc. (fks Carlyle GMS Finance, Inc.)
TCP Capital Corporation
TCW Direct Lending LLC
Terra Income Fund 6 Inc.
THL Credit Inc.
TICC Capital Corp.
TPG Specialty Lending, Inc.
Triangle Capital Corporation
TriplePoint Venture Growth BDC Corp
Triton Pacific Investment Corporation Inc.
Venture Lending & Leasing VII, Inc.
Venture Lending & Leasing VIII, Inc.
VII Peaks Co-Optivist Income BDC II, Inc.
WhiteHorse Finance, Inc.