SBIA signs letter opposing America COMPETES amendment re: SEC reporting

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 1, 2022) – The Small Business Investor Alliance (SBIA) has signed a joint letter to Congressional leadership opposing a last minute amendment tacked on to the House-passed America COMPETES Act by U.S. Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA). SBIA is continuing to work with investment industry colleagues to educate Members of Congress about the importance of excluding the Sherman amendment.


 About the Small Business Investor Alliance (SBIA)

The Small Business Investor Alliance (SBIA) is the premier organization of lower middle market private equity funds and investors. SBIA works on behalf of its members as a tireless advocate for policies that promote competitive markets and robust domestic investment for growing small businesses. SBIA has been playing a pivotal role in promoting the growth and vitality of the private equity industry for over 60 years. For more information, visit or call (202) 628-5055.

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