SEC rolls out 2022 rulemaking agenda

WASHINGTON, D.C. (December 13, 2021) – The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has released its Fall Reg Flex agenda, making clear its intention to prioritize ESG. Of note:

  1. The final rule on tailored shareholder reports (which would potentially include an AFFE fix) is slated for October 2022.
  2. The “Amendments to Form PF” proposal, which would require greater disclosure from private funds, is slated for December 2021, meaning a proposal could come by early next year.
  3. Proposed amendments to Reg D to “improve protections for investors” is slated for October 2022.
  4. A proposed rules for investment companies and investments advisers related to “ESG factors including ESG claims and related disclosures” is slated for April 2022.
  5. A proposal to “address lack of transparency, conflicts of interest, and certain other matters involving private fund advisers” is slated for April 2022.

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